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Born in Northern California,

I am an outdoor adventure, landscape, and lifestyle photographer currently  based in San Diego, CA.

I love being outside and exploring new places, it's what makes me feel most alive. To have the ability to capture those incredible experiences and share them with others is completely exhilarating.

I absolutely love photographing the big moments, but I especially love capturing the in-between moments. The ones that might've been otherwise forgotten. I believe that it's in those small moments that we experience true connection with ourselves, our environment, and others around us. The raw and untouched moments that once all pieced together, provide a road map of our lives.

As any photographer does, I'm always chasing light. I love capturing shadows and the brilliant glowy light at sunset and sunrise. I love how it creates shapes and lines and can be manipulated in so many ways, yet won't ever be the same again. It's pretty magic if you ask me.

When I don't have my camera in hand, you'll find me road tripping,  rock climbing, skiing, hiking, slack lining, making banana bread, or brewing kombucha.

I love meeting new people, so please feel free to email me! I am always down for a chat and can answer any and all questions!


 “No one knows how to live your life better than you, so do what you love.”